3 Best Books to Improve Communication

woman with megaphone Courtesy of FreeGreatPicture

Courtesy of FreeGreatPicture

There are many books about the art and practice of excellent communication, from the classic, How to Win Friends & Influence People, to the metaphorical, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. I’ve chosen the 3 books in this post based on the effects they have had on my communication experiences. They are all very worth reading and each one will create a significant shift in how you approach your next conversation.

Energy Leadership: Transforming Your Workplace and Your Life from the Core
Energy Leadership book Available at Amazon

Available at Amazon

Bruce D. Schneider has created an insightful, original and intrinsic explanation for the sources of your words and actions. Understanding your energy level and the levels of those around you gives you a ‘Rosetta Stone’ for creating successful and inspiring communication as a leader in all areas of your life. The book uses the story of a failing company to demonstrate the 7 levels of energy and the roles they play in our lives. The main principles are highlighted and video access is included. Energy Leadership is an enjoyable and enlightening read that will shift the way you receive and respond to the people in your workplace and in your personal life.

Crucial Conversations – Tools for Talking when the Stakes are High
Crucial Conversations Available at Amazon

Available at Amazon

Authors, Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan and Al Switzler , offer a powerful 7-step strategy for having ‘crucial conversations’. The ones that often speed up your heart rate, increase your blood pressure and generally make you feel like fleeing or fighting.  Integrating these steps into your communication style gives you the opportunity to successfully navigate any situation, but most especially the sensitive ones. The book is based on years of research and thousands of interviews. Integrate their suggestions into your communication and you will see immediate benefits.

Listening for Success – How to Master the Most Important Skill of Network Marketing
Listening For Success available at Amazon

Available at Amazon

Steve Shapiro has written an incisive and concise volume on the surefire recipe for successful conversation. Although directed toward the network marketing industry, it offers ideas and strategies that are applicable to everyone. At just 46 pages, it is an accessible and quick read. The strategies are clear and practical to implement. If you would like to improve your conversations in both your work and personal life, you’ll find this a handy resource. For more information, visit the Ultimate Success Quotes review.