A Review of Taming The Invisible Dragon, Author, Sloan Rawlins

 Taming The Invisible Dragon available at Amazon

Available at Amazon

The Law of Free Will is the law of cause and effect.

Sloan Rawlins

An Unexpected Life

Sloan Rawlins lays out a compelling story of a life gripped by expectation, self-denial, and, pain. In her book, she takes us with her on her journey to Tame The Invisible Dragon.

On this adventure, we share in her experiences of physical and emotional turmoil, her bold seeking, and her resulting triumph of owning the keys to the “enchanted castle in the kingdom” of her heart.

What We Think, Becomes

There is a direct connection between the thought patterns we hold in our minds and the circumstances of our lives.

Sloan Rawlins

Sloan offers a variety of resources and tools that readers may choose from in traveling their own paths. She begins with an honest “self-inventory” in which 100% accountability is acknowledged. Sloan clarifies that although there may be external forces and actions that affect our lives, only we have the power to determine our responses to them, thereby being completely responsible for the state of our lives.

This includes an unwavering acknowledgement of the impact that our thoughts have on the conditions of our lives. Continued progress is only possible if this acceptance takes place.

What Does It Feel Like?

We increase our overall level of consciousness and develop self-awareness when we improve our ability to recognize, acknowledge, and understand what our feelings are trying to tell us.

Sloan Rawlins

One of the most essential feelings Sloan talks about in her book is Gratitude. The inclusion of gratitude in daily life is an essential key to taming the dragon. She offers unique ideas about the shades of color that gratitude may have and practical ways to activate it. There are a number of actionable techniques offered for addressing a variety of emotional issues. The reader is encouraged to select philosophies and practices best suited to them.

You Are Not Alone

Regardless of the specific path you choose for your own transformational journey, know that you are already well on your way to discovering and liberating your true self.

Sloan Rawlins

In many self-improvement books or courses, the concept of how to restore the most seriously broken aspects of ourselves is missing. In Taming The Invisible Dragon, Sloan brings us with her as she stands toe to toe and face to face with this fiery, consuming monster. She shares the unique path that enabled her to reconnect to her true nature as a source of hope, inspiration, and education, for all those seeking the same.



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