A Review of The Element, How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything

The Element available at Amazon

Available at Amazon

Too many people never connect with their true talents and therefore don’t know what they’re really capable of achieving.

Sir Ken Robinson

Love To Do & Good At It Too

If you are looking for more fulfillment in your life, if you have felt like your talents have been undervalued, and if you feel called to live a more creative life – read this book, definitely. In it, Sir Ken Robinson tells the stories of people who felt the same way and went on to discover what he calls, The Element.

The Element is that place “where the things you love to do and the things that you are good at come together.”

Drawing from the lives of 100’s of people, he shines light on the powerful truth that every one of us has our Element. Sir Ken also casts a spotlight on the ways in which our educational systems don’t cultivate this. He follows this with examples of singularly brilliant school models that do.

Is That All There Is?

The diversity of the life stories genuinely conveys how it’s possible for anyone to find their Element. It’s an inspiring, and more importantly, enlightening book. It will answer without a doubt that small, quiet voice inside that says, ‘there has to be something more to my life’.

Lest you think that it’s too late for you, Sir Ken offers an abundance of stories of people finding their Element at any age, some in their 60’s and beyond. He notes that

One of the most basic reasons for thinking that it’s too late to be who you are truly capable of being is the belief that life is linear.

It most certainly is not, as he clearly demonstrates in this book.

I Don’t Have Time To Read

At just a smidge over 200 pages, it’s a quick read and the stories are thoroughly engaging. You will enjoy learning about the lives and discoveries of each of the book’s subjects. Along the way, you’re bound to discover a bit more about yourself, and, even better, your Element.


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