Aimee Mullins: Strength, Self & Success

Aimee Mullins at TED Talks

Aimee Mullins

Maybe that’s what adversity gives us, a sense of self, a sense of our own power.

Aimee Mullins

We all face challenges in our lives. We all know the weight of adversity. Aimee Mullins will tell you in her 3rd TED Talk that adversity is a gift through which you discover more of who you are.

Aimee’s story is a rare one. She was born with fibular hemimelia, which caused the absence of her shin bones. By the age of 1 she underwent double amputation and began using prosthetics. Despite the prognosis of the physician who attended her birth, Aimee has excelled in mobility. She played softball and competed as a downhill skier in her youth. By the time she attended college, winning a full academic scholarship to Georgetown University, she had become interested in running track. She was the first amputee, ever, to compete in the NCAA.

Her 3 TED Talks are insightful, inspiring, and each one offers particular wisdom on the power of embracing the seemingly difficult obstacles in life. Watch them in order and see first hand the growth of this unstoppable young woman and the flow of her story. You will be amazed.

If you only have time for 1 of these talks, jump straight to #3.


Talk #1 


Talk #2


Talk #3



PS – what is your greatest perceived disability?