As Woman Thinketh

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A Gender Block

For many years I had read other leadership and success writers reference the book by James Allen, As A Man Thinketh. Many times I tried to read it, unsuccessfully. I could not filter out the use of the words man, men, him, his, etc. It didn’t seem to apply to me in a direct way because it only referred to men.

I’ve been told since childhood that it’s no big deal to read the word ‘man’ and immediately consider myself, a female, to be included. Yet, for more than 45 years, I’ve felt un-included. I’ve tried not noticing that the word refers only to the male portion of the world. I’ve tried translating it to a feminine gender word as I read along. And, as in the case of James Allen’s book, I’ve avoided reading it altogether. None of these strategies has been particularly successful.

Times They Are A’Changing

One of the reasons I created Ultimate Success Quotes was to be a part of the redefinition of what success meant. I also wanted to shine a spotlight on female leadership and success mentors, since so much of the field seems to be focused on men. Most of my own teachers in this area have been men and I am deeply appreciative of the wisdom I have received from listening to them and from reading their writings.

I also yearn for the feminine perspective. The challenges women meet as they move toward success are different than those faced by men. This is the reason Denis Waitley gives for writing the book, The Psychology of Winning for Women with his daughters, Dayna and Deborah. They created a path toward success that addresses the unique nature of what becoming successful looks like for women.

I told myself that one day I would rewrite As A Man Thinketh and replace all the gender references with feminine ones. This week, I did it.

The original book is in the public domain and is available to be adapted and shared freely. Others have done this and made the result available for purchase or for free. As I worked on my adaptation, I found other language that I decided to edit beyond just gender references. There are some cultural points of view that are outdated and I chose to reword a few of those.

For Your Consideration

As a way of differentiating this adaptation from others, I’ve altered the title slightly. I invite you to download this pdf and read it.

As Woman Thinketh

You may not agree with some of the remaining cultural references. You may feel resistance to some of the concepts.

What I hope you will find that rings true, is that:

You are the one person who can choose how you perceive yourself, your world, and your place in it.
Those perceptions direct your daily choices.
Those choices create the conditions of your life.