Can You Fake Originality?

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 We have to dare to be ourselves, however frightening or strange that self may prove to be.

May Sarton

Most often we think that we are afraid of what others will say about us if we allow ourselves to be unique, strange, or original. The truth is, it starts within you. If you are afraid of your originality, your uniqueness, or even strangeness, then others will be too. When you have the audacity to be the singular self that you are here to be, the opinions of others won’t carry much weight.

Locked In The Closet

If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.

Maya Angelou

It takes energy to fit in or to be ‘normal’. The good news is, once redirected, it will power your search, and ultimately, your enjoyment of your passions, your talents and your skills. There is wonder and joy in discovering your rare combination of traits and talents. Taking delight in what it is you are here to be, do and have is a core reason for life. Appreciating your individual gifts will fuel your ability to enjoy others, too.

You Owe It To Us

Acknowledge your talents, and as quickly as possible gain confidence in yourself, so that you can be a genuine, authentic contributor and not all that worried about what other people think.

Cheryl Bachelder

It can be challenging to acknowledge your talents. Culturally, we’re taught things like, ‘don’t toot your own horn’. Unfortunately, keeping your light under a bushel only keeps the world a little darker. Freeing your particular blend of radiance benefits you as well as everyone around you. When you own up to your distinct talents and gifts, you find that they are not for you to keep to yourself – they are for you to share.



PS – Can you take a minute today to look in the mirror and acknowledge a talent that you have? Can you say it out loud to yourself with a smile? If it’s difficult, try saying it in the closet first, then, after a few days, get out in front of the mirror. 🙂

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