Susan Jeffers

Feel the fear and do it anyway. Susan Jeffers

A Review of Taming The Invisible Dragon, Author, Sloan Rawlins

The Law of Free Will is the law of cause and effect. Sloan Rawlins

Sloan Rawlins

There is a direct connection between the thought patterns we hold in our minds and the circumstances of our lives. Sloan Rawlins

The Secret to Giving a Great Talk

The future isn’t a place that we’re gonna go to; it’s a place that you get to create. Nancy Duarte Make It A Good One

Joan Borysenko, Ph. D.

 When you become passionate toward yourself, you become passionate toward others – you’ve turned your eyes in a new direction. Dr. Joan Borysenko

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor

Unfortunately, as a society, we do not teach our children that they need to tend carefully the garden of their minds. Without structure, censorship, or discipline, our thoughts run rampant on automatic. Because we have not learned how to more carefully manage what goes on inside our brains, we remain vulnerable to not only what […]

Aimee Mullins: Strength, Self & Success

Maybe that’s what adversity gives us, a sense of self, a sense of our own power. Aimee Mullins

Aimee Mullins

Perhaps technology is revealing now, what has always been a truth, that everyone has something rare and powerful to offer our society. Aimee Mullins

Diana Nyad’s Other Shore

We all have dreams. We all suffer heartache. We all need to somehow find the courage, the endurance, to FIND A WAY to our respective, individual Other Shores. Diana Nyad