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Lizzie Velasquez - Ultimate Success Quotes

Lizzie Velasquez, Author, Motivational Speaker

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Lizzie Velasquez

Often those who achieve the greatest success have managed it despite intimidating influences from society. One such success story is Lizzie Velasquez who turned (what for most of us would be insurmountable) bullying into a thriving speaking career and 2 published books. She credits her parents with her ability to rise to the challenge and live a life of ultimate success. Lizzie even shares how her syndrome and the negative attention it had received became the launchpad for her desire to create the life of her dreams.

Lizzie has 2 TED Talks (view them below). In both, she emphasizes that we each have the ability – the responsibility, even – to choose what defines us. If Lizzie had allowed her physical differences and people’s response to them to define her success would not have been possible. She made a powerful choice to look the negativity of others in the face and to say, ‘I Define Me.’

Watch her talks and learn how she came to be empowered by the adversity of her life. Just by looking at her photo up above, it’s easy to see that this woman feels great about herself. Think about the challenges that you face every day – can you follow the example of this extraordinary person and use them as fuel for your own success?

Make a list of what you consider to be your greatest obstacles to creating the life of your dreams. Then list ONE thing that you can shift to move around, past or under that block.

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You can do it!


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