Don’t Let What You Cannot Do Keep You From Doing What You Can

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You have to do what you dream of doing even while you’re afraid.

Ariana Huffington

We all have dreams, even if we haven’t said them out loud. We all feel fear, and sometimes it is our fear that keeps us from defining, declaring, and doing what we dream of.

Focusing on what you believe you cannot do is one way of letting fear hold you back. When you experience this, take an honest look at yourself, your life, and your dreams, and choose.

Select one thing that you aren’t doing that you can do, and do it.

Don’t Be Absurd!

Only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible.

Albert Einstein

We’ve all had moments when we thought that our dream was absurd, or if we were bold enough to share it, we may have been told by someone else that it was absurd. Sometimes absurd is the clearest indicator of how important it is to take the actions and bring that dream into reality.

What if your dream is as absurd as Sara Blakely’s or Aimee Mullins’ was? Just seeing what they’ve created proves that absurd can be awesome.

You Can’t Be Pregnant Forever

All the hard work and preparation and daring and luck are nothing compared with the ability to not blink.

Seth Godin

You can only be pregnant for so long, and then you’ve got to give birth. Dreams, however, can stay comfortably inside for as long as we let them. We can read, plan, research and sketch out our ideas as a way to get ready for the birth or as a way to stall it.

What dream have you been working on? Are you ready to bring it to life?  What is holding you back, making you ‘blink’, giving you pause?

If you find yourself still in the first half of doing – the believing phase – and unable to take the leap into making it a reality, try this:

Divide a piece of paper into 4 columns. At the top of each column write these headings.

Gain of not taking action.

Pain of not taking action.

Gain of taking action.

Pain of taking action.

Let yourself write freely, without judgement. This is a process of discovery, not criticism. Remember that this is an experiment with results, not success or failure.


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