Estella Pyfrom

Estella Pyfrom CNN Heroe 2013

Estella Pyfrom

You do whatever it takes to make things happen. That’s the only thing that works.

Estella Pyfrom

I don’t think about what I’m not able to do or not going to be able to do.

Estella Pyfrom

Estella Pyfrom is, by anyone’s standards, an amazing woman and a living example of ultimate success. Her humble beginnings in a migrant farm worker family and her parents’ desire for her success became the impetus for her drive to become educated. She and her husband raised and educated their successful children, and after 48+ years of working as a teacher and guidance counselor, she decided to create something no one had ever seen before in Palm Beach County.

Estella’s Brilliant Bus was designed and brought into existence by Estella herself using a large portion of her pension. It’s a mobile computer and learning lab. Estella takes the bus to various neighborhoods and gives students and adults the opportunity to learn about and work on computers. They have internet access and work with software that strengthens reading, science and math skills.

In 2013, CNN honored Estella as one of its top 10 Heroes.

Support Estella and the positive work she is doing at her site.



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