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It’s December, you’re focused on the upcoming holiday, but you may not yet have thought about New Year’s Eve resolutions.

Good! Don’t. Not yet anyway.

There’s something even more important to do before that and Ultimate Success Quotes wants to help you celebrate the year that was 2013 in style.

Acknowledging your positive experiences, accomplishments, and gifts enables you to face the new year with gratitude and energy. Complete these 10 items and Finish 2013 First.

Your Top Ten of 2013

Write down the name of someone who was kind to you or gave you encouragement this past year. Describe the circumstances.

Being Kind
Write down a moment when you were kind or gave another person encouragement. Describe the circumstances.

Describe something new you learned – a skill, or a new understanding.

Highlight one project, of any size, that you initiated and completed. (Remember – any size)

Healthy Step
List one improvement in your health or physical well-being.

Your Body
List one good thing you do to take care of your body.

Describe a time when you had fun, laughed, and experienced a sense of lightness.

Write down one or more things, people or conditions in your life that you are grateful for.

List one or more things that others say you are good at, and one or more things that you say that you are good at.

Complete this sentence using one of these words:

Beauty             Love             Acceptance             Gratitude             Strength

Light burst with the words I am in the center


Thank You

Having taken the time to complete this exercise, have you found any surprises? Was there any question that you couldn’t answer?

Sometimes when we can’t see something for ourselves, it helps to picture a good friend, or loved one. Imagine if they were trying to answer the question and couldn’t. What would you tell them? Now, put yourself in their place – what would they say about you? How would they answer the question for you?

Often we have an easier time acknowledging another than ourselves. It’s also usually easier to say ‘thank you’ to another than to ourselves. But here is the time to say it – tell yourself thank you for this past year, and allow gratitude to fill your heart for your place in this world.


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