First Love Yourself If You Want to Succeed

Tony Schwartz, CEO The Energy Project

Tony Schwartz, CEO
The Energy Project

In his Tedx Talk, The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working, Tony Schwartz lays out some radical ideas – radical for mainstream business, that is. One of these ideas is love yourself. I don’t imagine this is a required course at Harvard Business School, Stanford, or Wharton. His advice may seem to run counter to everything you’ve ever read or heard about being successful. The run-of-the-mill teachings all say

  • work harder,
  • work at more,
  • push yourself, and
  • always put in extra hours.

This conventional perspective measures success by lots of things that are outside of you.

It’s a paradox we live in. We need to try hard and we need to let go, and above all, we need, in a world of undue complacency and enormous problems, we need to learn to make waves so we can change lives beginning with our own.

Tony Schwartz

Tony’s talk is well worth spending the time. His principles are key to creating true success and as a result, happiness.  He recommends viewing your success by drawing on measurements found within yourself. Another new idea is to shift your attention to how to manage your energy, not your time, in 4 key areas. Here a few notes, but be sure to watch the talk below so you that you don’t miss out on the rest of the good stuff:

  • Physical – Renewal of energy is undervalued, even “demonized”.  Intense expenditure combined with deep renewal is a recipe for peak function.
  • Emotional – Confidence without humility becomes arrogance. Humility comes from a Greek word meaning grounded, from the earth.
  • Mental – Culturally we believe we can build our analytic mind and so we invest most of our energy into developing it. The creative mind is integrative and is desperately needed.  Tony says, “respect both sides equally.”
  • Spiritual – We invest more energy in that which has meaning for us. Taking care of ourselves is less valued than serving others. Tony says,”if you don’t take care of yourself, you cannot take care of others.”  Find a balance, a middle ground.


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