How to Read Body Language

Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman - Ultimate Success Quotes

Wonder Woman

Wonder If Body Language Makes A Difference?

Low-cut costume aside, Lynda Carter is demonstrating one of the power poses that Amy Cuddy unveils in her 2012 Ted Talk in Scotland. Cuddy and her research partner, Dana Carney conducted a study to determine the effect that body language had on the person using it. Normally the question asked is ‘does body language affect the listener?’, but Cuddy wanted to learn how it was affecting the physiology of the participant.

What they discovered is the fastest, most powerful, no cost way to improve your odds of acing your job interview. Striking one of the power poses – like the Wonder Woman – for 2 minutes increased chemicals that boost confidence and decreased chemicals that stress the body. So, sit back in your chair, spread your arms wide, and kick up your feet before your next job interview, negotiation, or parent-teacher conference. It will go alot more smoothly for you if you do.

Strike A Pose

Cuddy shares another fascinating fact: even people who have never seen the victory gesture of holding one’s arms up high in a V while slightly lifting the chin perform this physical expression when celebrating an achievement. This posture of jubilation is hardwired into our bodies and concretizes the win.

Enjoy this 21 minute talk and write down at least 1 posture you’ll incorporate into your own life to support you in achieving your ultimate success.  For example, start your day with the Wonder Woman pose and see what a difference it makes. 🙂



PS – leave a comment and tell us which pose you chose and how you use it.