Jane McGonigal

Jane McGonigal

No object, no event, no outcome or life circumstance can deliver real happiness to us. We have to make our own happiness—by working hard at activities that provide their own reward.

Jane McGonigal

When you get there (your deathbed) more than likely, you will not have any of those top 5 regrets because you will have built up the strength and resilience to lead a life truer to your dreams.

Jane McGonigal, The Game That Can Give You 10 Extra Years of Life, TED Talks

Jane McGonigal’s two TED Talks and subsequent book introduce the idea that gaming can change the world – for the better. A radical thinker and innovator, Jane challenges us to see for ourselves how we can apply the principles of gaming to the real-life difficulties of the world in which we live.

She, herself, successfully accomplished this when she was afflicted with Post Concussion Syndrome. She had to give up anything that triggered her symptoms, which were also the things that gave her life meaning and pleasure, while enduring debilitating pain, dizziness, inability to concentrate, fatigue and depression. Out of this experience, Jane created SuperBetter, a game that gives you power over your health and wellness.

Jane and her identical twin sister, Kelly McGonigal collaborated to create The Thank You Game for the Oprah  Winfrey Network which had the goal of “spreading the positive emotion of gratitude to half a billion people worldwide.”


Reality Is Broken by Jane McGonigal

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