A Positive Attitude Is Everything

Attitude - "It is in the ability to open our eyes and minds where limitless wonders are discovered."

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 It is in the ability to open our eyes and minds where limitless wonders are discovered.


A Room With A View

The moon is never missing any of itself. We just can’t see it. We are like that too.

Jennifer Pastiloff

Unlike attributes, attitudes are not something you’re born with. You collect your attitudes based on observations, experiences, information, and opinions. They are a perception you form about a thing, an idea, a person or persons, or an experience. They help you in a number of ways

  • to make sense of the world
  • to protect yourself
  • to guide your choices

They also hold you back when they prevent you from perceiving the whole story.

It’s My Attitude

I have complete control over the meaning I attach to any situation and how I respond to it.

Cynthia Kersey, Unstoppable Women

Attitudes can prevent you from making positive changes in your life. They can block you from seeing the bigger picture. When you adopt Cynthia Kersey’s attitude, you inherit a sense of freedom and empowerment. The realization that a variety of attitudes are possible and that you are the one in charge of deciding which ones to accept as true opens your mind to more information and understanding. As a result, you increase your choices of how to respond.

What’s Stopping You?

To remove discord, we must remove the cause, and this cause can be found only in the world within.

Charles F. Haanel, The Master Key System

The only thing stopping you from improving your attitude and moving forward on your journey to ultimate success is inside of you. Perceptions about yourself, the world, and who you are in it are all found within. You are at choice to keep or change these ideas – they are after all only ideas. They don’t take up space in the physical world and they are changed in seconds by new experiences, new awareness, and new information.

This is that new information.

A Whole New World

Try seeing your world and yourself this way, eyes open to whatever is before you, mind free of dichotomies. Are you good or bad, fragile or tough, wise or foolish? Yes. And so am I.

Martha Beck

It takes practice to develop an attitude that sees the world as possibility. It takes a willingness to step back from well-worn judgements, especially ones about yourself. Start with those. Make a choice to unlock attitudes about yourself that make you small, or scared, or angry. Start with just one. Make a note in your journal, or calendar to visit this idea everyday.


PS – Which of your attitudes do you feel you’ve consciously chosen? Which do you feel you’ve “inherited?”



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