The Secret to Giving a Great Talk

Nancy Duarte Tedx Talk

Nancy Duarte

The future isn’t a place that we’re gonna go to; it’s a place that you get to create.

Nancy Duarte

Make It A Good One

Nancy Duarte tells a good story. Right from the beginning of this TEDx East talk she assures us that we ‘can change the world,’ literally, by believing in our ideas and powerfully communicating them to others. This, she tells us, is how leaders transform our cultures.

Her delightful use of colorful imagery, her engaging style, and most particularly, her personal tale make this talk truly enjoyable to watch. The information she shares can change how you communicate and increase how effectively you impact those around you. It can be watched multiple times and still feel inspiring.

I’m A Believer

Nancy Duarte is a believer in the power of story, and encourages all of us to use it in order to be great presenters, and more importantly, great influencers. She shows exactly how to structure your presentation for maximum impact. She has changed the world because now we all know the secret to creating riveting and highly impactful talks. Definitely, take her advice.

Now, answer this question, ‘who would I rather be?’ Yoda, or Luke Skywalker? Then watch this great presentation.



PS – Which one of your world-changing ideas are you keeping to yourself? Take the first step and put it into writing. Read it every day for 30 days. If you miss a day, start again. You’ll find that the possibilities will grow as the days grow in number.




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