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Ultimate Succes Quotes Steve Denning

“Leadership is not just about getting people to change, it’s about getting people to want to change, to inspire people to become champions of the change.”

Steve Denning

Steve Denning champions the importance of storytelling in leadership in his ground-breaking book, The Leader’s Guide to Storytelling.

In one of my favorite TED Talks below, he shares a great story to illustrate this.

Steve tells us about a moment in his life when he was losing ground in his career at the World Bank. His subsequent move to Information, the Siberia of the World Bank, as he calls it, led to what may be his best discovery: story moves people. It got them to become champions of the change he was promoting. He became a powerful influencer and a leader through storytelling. He subsequently wrote a powerfully effective book that every leader seeking success should read.

As a professional storyteller and business consultant, I see everyday the importance of having a story that energizes you and those whom you wish to influence. The qualities that make a great storyteller also make a great leader. This is a skill critical to your development and ultimate success. Unlike some business skills, being fluent in story is for everyone. It’s something you do all day and just haven’t put your attention to.


You may not even have a team, or followers, yet. But you can begin practicing being the leader of you. What’s your story? Does it empower you? Does it inspire you to change and grow? What parts of this story need to be redesigned in order to create your ultimate success? Invest in acquiring this essential communication skill through coaching and study.

A great place to start is Steve Denning’s book, The Leader’s Guide To Storytelling.

Ultimate Success Quotes Steve Denning

Steve Denning


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