How Can I Trust Myself?

Trust Yourself

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Believe in your idea, trust your instincts, and don’t be afraid to fail.

Sara Blakely

What does it take to develop trust? When you took your very first step into toddlerhood you didn’t expect to fall, but falling didn’t eliminate your trust that the next step, and the next, would be more successful. Think about your path now.

  • Do your steps feel just as wobbly?
  • Are you the only person who sees the value in your goal?

You know more than you think you do. Practice listening to yourself to build and grow the trust that moving forward is the right thing for you to do.

Be A Good Listener

Everyone has intuition – it’s just a matter of developing it.

Jack Canfield

Just as you had the trust to begin walking, you also had the perfect ability to listen to yourself. Back then you didn’t even think of it as listening – the desire was there and you expressed it.  Along the way this ability was crowded out by all of the information that came from everyone around you, but you’ve never lost it completely. With practice, you can gain back this important form of hearing. There are a number of simple, fulfilling ways to reintroduce this into your everyday life:

Gentle Stretching

Intentional Breathing



Look In The Mirror & Smile

Women who win in life accept themselves as they are: changing, growing, imperfect, and in the process of becoming all their potential allows them to be.

Denis Waitley, Deborah Waitley, Dayna Waitley, The Psychology of Winning For Women

An important part of regaining trust of yourself is being willing to really see yourself – as you are. Too often, far too often, women have a longer list of what they would like to “fix” about themselves, than what they are grateful for about themselves. Make a list of attributes, talents and habits that you have that you are grateful for. Start the list with the words:

I am grateful and happy that…..

Keep this list with you, either on paper, or electronically. Make a date with yourself for 3 minutes each day for a month to review it. Occasionally add to it. Watch how your feelings toward yourself shift. Are you beginning to see yourself as someone you would trust?


PS – Let us know if you are growing your trust by taking one of the actions listed above. We’d love to support you in your journey to ultimate success.



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