Ultimate Success Takes Commitment


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Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go.

William Feather

Hang Around Long Enough

What is commitment, really? It’s fairly invisible, in and of itself. You can’t open a drawer and point to the commitment you’ve stored in there. You can’t wear commitment like shoes, although if you make a commitment to walk more often you’ll need shoes. It is that potent marriage of Purpose and Plan that we create inside of our own heads, and hearts. It manifests in our stick-to-it-ness, usually despite setbacks, unpopular opinions, and the passage of time.

Ho, Ho, Ho, It’s Magic

There’s something magical about sticking to your dream longer than anyone around you thinks you have a right to stick to that dream.

Robin Sharma

Clearly, one of the big challenges to fulfilling our commitments comes from our idea of what the rest of the world thinks about what we are working towards. This is why our choice to ‘complete without fail’ must be aligned with our core values and our purpose in life. Ensure that it resonates deeply for you. Only a deeply-rooted dream fuels an unwavering commitment.

One Step At A Time

By taking a single daily step, I am communicating to myself – and to the world – that I believe in myself and in my dream.

Cynthia Kersey

It’s wise not to put yourself in the position of our feline friend up there. Take the care and the time necessary to explore your goals, strategies, and tactics for achieving them. Commitment calls for fortitude and persistence, and most especially, for wisdom. Set out steps that are achievable, with timeframes that are reasonable. Make your plan for failure – yes, failure. It isn’t the end of the road – it’s a bump. Plan for it and move past it.



PS – Choose your most deeply desired goal and write out your commitment to achieving it. Keep it on your favorite electronic device, or good, old-fashioned paper and read over it every day.


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